by Sandra | 11:56 pm

This week, Eliza and I stopped by Micah’s community café to introduce ourselves to Mike Morrison, the café manager, and get a feel for the location and atmosphere. Even though we arrived right when the restaurant opened, the room was already bustling with activity. Unfortunately, we were unable to take pictures because the volunteers we spoke with said that it would make some of their patrons uncomfortable, but I did note that the café space was large, with dim, bluish lighting and no windows. On the far end of the area, you can clearly see the kitchen through a large serving window.

Speaking with Volunteers

The people we talked to were very friendly and excited to hear about the media stories. In particular, we spoke with a group of nursing students from Germanna community college that come to the café once a week to give patrons free check-ups and health tips. They measure things like blood pressure and glucose levels, and help refer individuals to physicians, if necessary. Their professor has a very lively and entertaining personality and was quite enthusiastic about being interviewed. We exchanged contact information with her, and she informed us that she will have to get permission from the college for filming. If we do manage to schedule an interview, the footage may pair well with a media story about Micah’s respite house and other health programs.

New Project Dependencies

One of our potential problems going forward with this project is not giving people enough time to respond to our requests for information. Although we asked for permission to visit the café a week in advance, we didn’t receive a reply until the day of our meeting. As a result, we couldn’t conduct a thorough tour of the café because Mike wasn’t expecting us. The same dependency issue applies to interviewee communication, since Meghann has supplied us with a release form that she wants our interviewees to sign before filming. There are so many things to consider when planning a shoot for just one Micah center that I feel it may be more realistic to focus on filming a single location for our project. Regardless, the next item on our agenda will be to get in touch with one of the Micah program coordinators so they can help us find potential interviewees and schedule an appropriate time to film.



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