by Sandra | 2:36 am

The “Secret Sauce” of Great Video

This week, my “Media Stories for Micah” team members and I headed down to our college’s digital knowledge center for a video editing tutorial, where our group’s designated video production manager, Eliza Moreno, introduced

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by Sandra | 1:47 am

Media Stories for Micah: Searching for Inspiration

In the past, I’ve found that a great way to get my creative juices flowing and spark excitement about a new digital project is to search online for models. It not only helps me

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by Sandra | 10:16 pm

Media Stories for Micah: Introductory Interview

This week, Eliza Moreno, Shane Thin and I met up with Meghann Cotter, the executive servant-leader of Micah Ecumenical Ministries , a non-profit organization that coordinates nine churches across downtown Fredericksburg to provide food,

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by Sandra | 2:01 am

The Fine Distinction between Goals and Tactics

Undoubtedly, the crux of any project management plan is a clear, measurable and feasible objective. Before starting work, you need to not only consider how and what you will be making, but what you

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by Sandra | 12:13 pm

A Reflection of My Project Management Skills

As a computer science major and a freelance desktop publisher, I’ve been involved in many different projects over the years, from designing an award-winning book jacket to creating the hardware and software for an

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