About Me

I’m Aleksandra “Sandra” Shtabnaya, a first-in-class graduate from the University of Mary Washington, with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and double minors in Data Science and Digital Studies. Ever since my first programming class in high school, I have been fascinated with coding’s potential for creative expression and problem solving, a challenge I tackle like an exciting puzzle.

A programmer by day and a desktop publisher by night, I spend my free time creating flyers, websites, presentations and other multimedia for fun and for local clients. A quirky blend of the artistic and methodical, I bring a creative flair into my technical work, adding a fresh style to client communication, data visualization or software development.

To see more of my cool projects, check out my personal website at alekshtab.me.

About the Workshop

“Projects that Matter” is a process blog created for Digital Design Workshop (DGST 301D), an experimental course offered at the University of Mary Washington. Open by application only and intended for students with extensive backgrounds in digital tools and methodologies, the workshop provides participants with the opportunity to work closely with local Fredericksburg non-profit organizations in small groups to deliver projects in website design, videography or social media management. In spring 2019, I worked together with Shane Thin and Eliza Moreno to produce a video series for Micah, a local homeless shelter.

To learn about Micah and our media story project, visit the workshop website at dkc.umw.edu/workshop/micah/.