by Sandra | 5:40 pm

Wrapping It Up

While preparing for our final project presentation, my team and I have worked diligently this week to respond to Meghann’s feedback and revise our videos accordingly. Specifically, Phil’s interview needed to include more material

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by Sandra | 9:03 pm

Bringing It All Together

With finals fast approaching, I’ve had such a hectic week that I’m surprised that I managed to accomplish so much. After spending several hours reviewing and trimming footage and b-roll, I produced several drafts

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by Sandra | 9:12 pm

Problem Solving

With the end of the semester fast approaching, and a number of technical difficulties hindering our progress, we have decided to accelerate the editing process by dividing responsibilities for the three individual media stories

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by Sandra | 10:24 pm

Editing Video

While Meghann has not gotten back to us with additional interviewees, we went on ahead and reviewed the footage we obtained from the community café session and began video editing this week. So far,

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by Sandra | 11:17 pm

Conducting Interviews at the Community Café

This week, Meghann arranged for us to meet with three Micah guests at the Fredericksburg Baptist Church, who are or were part of their employment, respite and housing programs. The individuals that we met

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by Sandra | 3:19 pm

Planning for Interviews

After obtaining feedback from our client on our film brief and interview questions (which were too broad and not specifically centered on Micah), we revised and resent the document last week. While waiting for

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by Sandra | 7:05 pm

Establishing Group Expectations

Working in groups is always challenging. You have to be patient and flexible. You have to learn how to interact with different personalities and work habits. After completing my midterm self-evaluation, I noted some

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by Sandra | 10:37 pm

Redefining Goals

Before spring break, my team and I checked in with our client, Meghann, to discuss our project plan and set the gears in motion for scheduling interviews. To everyone’s surprise, what we ended up

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by Sandra | 11:56 pm

Visiting the Community Café

This week, Eliza and I stopped by Micah’s community café to introduce ourselves to Mike Morrison, the café manager, and get a feel for the location and atmosphere. Even though we arrived right when

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by Sandra | 10:29 pm

Learning About Video Interviews

As my team members and I prepare for our first day of location scouting for Media Stores for Micah, I spent the last week reflecting on the steps for crafting effective video documentaries. Due

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